After installing new tiles, many people have one popular question:

Is sealing grout worth it?

Sealing grout offers numerous benefits that not only help protect your home but also your investment. Here are a few common benefits of sealing grout that prove that it is worth it.

is sealing grout worth it

Prevents Staining

Grout is a typical cement-based product. Its materials make it highly porous, allowing it to soak up liquids in case they are not wiped off right away. Sealing grout is, therefore, highly essential for tiled surfaces as they help protect the grout from any spills.

Prevents Mold

Bathrooms without proper ventilation naturally contain moisture. This promotes the growth of mold and mildew. Therefore, you can strengthen the grout by sealing it and slowing down its wear and tear process.

Prolongs Life of Grout

Over the course of a few months or years, grime and water can penetrate the grout, causing your tile work to crack and break. It can be rather expensive to reinstall tiles. Therefore, sealing your grout helps combat the occurrence of such damages and extends the life of your tiles.

Do All Grouts Require Sealing?

No they don’t. Certain grouts, such as grout epoxy, is non-porous; hence, sealing it is pointless. Moreover, epoxy grout is typically applied to porous surfaces and is rather flexible that keeps it from chipping or cracking.

Moreover, certain tiles such as non-porcelain ceramic tiles do not require sealing either, as they are finished with a durable glaze.

How Can You Find Out if Your Grout Needs to be Sealed?

If you have tile surfaces in your home and aren’t sure whether they require sealing or not, you can conduct a simple test – the water test. You can start by dropping or spraying on a few water droplets on your grout. If your grout soaks up the water, it means that it is time to reseal your grout properly.

If your grout is absorbing water, seal it immediately. Water damage causes considerable problems in your home, especially in your bathroom. Moreover, once your grout becomes porous, there’s no telling how long the grout will last.

When Do You Seal Your Grout?

After the installation of new tiles, you need to wait at least 2 to 3 days for your grout to dry up before you can seal it.


So, to answer your question, “Is sealing gout worth it?” yes, it definitely is. However, don’t attempt to do it on the spot. You need to wait a few days or at least a month so that the grout can cure properly.


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