Grout Clear Sealing

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Protect Your Grout From Future Stains

Clear Sealing your grout is a cost-effective way to protect the tile and grout from stains. The sealer penetrates the grout while leaving a protective barrier to prevent future stains from dis-coloring the grout lines.

After having a Tile & Grout Cleaning service, leaving the floor unprotected without sealing can leave your grout vulnerable for future stains that cannot be lifted from the grout.

Since grout is porous the best time to seal your grout is after the tile flooring has been professionally cleaned so the sealer properly adheres. 

Low Maintenance For Tile Floors

Clear Seal will not clog the pores of the grout like a Color Sealer.

It will protect the grout so that the next time we professionally clean your floor the grout will clean up the way it did previously.

If you choose a Clear Sealer for your floors, Grout Magnificent recommends having your tile flooring re-cleaned and re-apply the sealer every year.