The short answer? Yes.

It is recommended to have your grout sealed to preserve and protect the look of your tile floors. One of the better investments that can be made in a home is the installation of new floor or wall tile. From kitchens, bathrooms to outdoor rooms and foyers, tile can be an integral part to dressing up or giving a new look to any room. With the myriad of styles, shapes, colors and finishes available today, tile is an extremely popular form of home improvement. One thing to remember whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or have had tile professionally installed, the final process of the installation should always be adding a sealant to the grout and tile.

Protecting and Maintaining your Grout is Essential

It’s an integral part of the tile structure as well as a large investment that you’ll be expecting to enjoy for years to come. That’s why it’s imperative to have the grout sealed. A good grout sealer will help prevent spills from penetrating into the porous surface of the grout. It also gives you valuable time to clean it. Properly sealed grout will continue to protect even after repeated cleanings. This is because the sealant that penetrates the grout is absorbed while filling up any nooks and crannies. As a result, when spills occur the liquid can’t get below the surface. This also protects the integrity of the tiles as well.

A penetrating sealer repels water-based and oil-based liquids and beverages while protecting the surface from dirt and any impurities. It is important to note that your grout can still get dirty after sealing, but cleans up more easily with less of a chance of permanent staining. There is an option to have a stain-proof color sealed grout installed that can avoid permanent staining.

Grout Sealant FAQ’s

Contrary to some beliefs, sealants will not alter the appearance of the grout, nor the texture, feel or appearance of the surface. Color-enhancing sealers are available for natural stone, marble, limestone, granite and masonry surfaces. Most professional grade sealers are utilized by tile installation and maintenance companies, as opposed to lesser quality sealants that are available in the big box stores. A quality sealant can save you money in cleaning and replacement costs and is something you should take into consideration. Also consider hiring a professional company to apply any sealant, as they have the training, experience, proper tools and variety of sealers for your tile type.