Weak grout is pretty obvious. It signifies that the grout sealing after the tile installation wasn’t completed properly. The grout between the tiles is rather porous in nature, making it easy for it to soak up the moisture and dirt surrounding the tiles. Moreover, this moisture also breaks down the grout, causing it to crumble. Sealing the grout properly gives a protective layer to the grout, extending its overall life and making it easy to clean.

Is my grout sealed

How You Can Tell If Grout Is Sealed

You can figure out if the grout is sealed or not by carrying out the Water Test.

The Water Test

You can easily tell if your tile grout has been sealed by simply spreading a few droplets of water on it.  To carry out the water test, do the following.

Fill Water in Spray Bottle

Start by filling a spray bottle with water. Make sure to change the setting of the spray nozzle to mist. This is the key to figuring out whether or not your grout has been sealed.

Spray the Grout

Spray your grout properly with a mist of water.

Let the Water Set

Allow the water to set on the grout for a few minutes. Make sure to leave on the water for at least two to three minutes.

Assess the Grout

The next step for you to take is to inspect the grout properly. If it gets darker or changes color, it is a clear indicator that the grout hasn’t been sealed. However, if the color remains the same, the grout has been sealed properly.

Another way to check if the grout has been sealed is to monitor the water beads. If the water beads flow done from the ground, it is correctly sealed. However, if the grout absorbs the water, either the grout hasn’t been sealed or the sealer has worn off.

You can also search for signs of an old sealer. If your sealer is peeling off or is hazing, you should know that it has begun to weaken. Therefore, you will need to reseal it.

When Should You Reseal grout?

If your tiles were laid down a while ago, you probably need to reseal them. Moreover, if your tiles are laid down in some outdoor area, your grout will wear down faster. So, you will need to replace the grout frequently.

Unventilated bathrooms pose a threat to your grout. This is because they contain considerable moisture and humidity that break down the grout. If your tile work has become loose and your grout has started flaking off, it is time to redo it!

How Long Should You Wait Before Sealing Grout?

You need to allow your grout to settle down for at least a month. After the waiting period, you can start the sealing process. If you notice that your grout is staining before the sealing process, you should get a light bleach and cleanse it lightly. Remember that once the grout is sealed, you won’t have the luxury of getting rid of the stain ever again.


Carrying out the water test is the best solution if you were wondering how you can tell if grout is sealed. If you find out that your grout is unsealed or is peeling off, you might want to get it resealed immediately.



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