Clean Tile & Grout Professionally

We Clean Tile of Several Varieties

Ceramic Tile


Travertine Tile


Limestone Tile


Porcelain Tile


Truck Mounted Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning Technician

Grout Magnificent uses a truck mounted high pressure steam system that does not use any harsh chemicals to clean and sanitize the floor.

A benefit to using high pressure steam to clean is that it removes mold, mildew and bacteria that builds up in the grout, without risking damage to the grout.

Offering Two Different


Grout Sealing Options


Grout Color Sealing:  Our most popular choice to create a uniform grout color while permanently sealing the grout.


Penetrating Grout Clear Seal – Used to protect and seal the newly cleaned grout from dirt and spills.

Grout Sealing Technician