How do you maintain a tile floor?

You need to know the answer to this if you want your tile floor to look as good as new for years to come. Here is what you can do for a well-maintained tile floor.

Vacuuming and Dusting

Needless to say, regular vacuuming and dusting sessions are imperative if you want to maintain the texture of your tiles. Make sure that you remove dust and dirt regularly. It you allow it to settle for too long on your tile floor, it might get embedded in your tile surface and make it look rather old.

Watch out for grout since this part is quite vulnerable. Make sure that you use a soft dust mop for the job if you are not vacuuming. A straw broom is ill-advised since it will scratch the tile surface.

maintaining tile floor


You should mop your tile floor at least once a week with warm water. You can add mild soap to the water to maintain the gloss, shine and color of your tiles. However, before you use any cleaner to wash up your tiles, make sure that you refer to the manufacturer to understand what chemicals are suitable for the job. This is necessary to avoid tile damage from harsh chemicals.

It is always a good idea to dry your floor immediately after mopping it. This step will help you to avoid accidents and prevent dirt from mixing into the wet surface.

Wipe Off Spills Immediately

In case of any spillage, you should immediately use an absorbent cloth to soak up the dropped liquid from your tiles. Not only will this move prevent the formation of unsightly stains on your pristine tile floor, it will also avert falls and accidents. Cleaning up your tiles as quickly as possible reduces the likelihood of hard-to-clean stains from developing.

Using a suitable cleaner for the job may be a good idea. If you have dropped raw meat, eggs or any other foodstuff that can gather bacteria, use a disinfectant to clean up the area. The use of chemicals might result in dull tiles, so it is always better to mop the area and wipe off the chemicals.


Keep doormats at both sides of your doors, both outside and inside. Make sure that you place a large doormat at the outside of your main door because this is where most of the dirt comes in. Placing a doormat so that visitors can wipe off their shoes will prevent the buildup of debris and dirt in your home and reduce cleanup work as well. Keep a bath mat in your bathroom if you have floor tiling in this area.

Grout Care

You should pay special attention to your grout since this part of your tile floor can become dull quite quickly if not taken care of. Having your grout and tile professionally cleaned periodically can restore the beauty your tile once had when it was new. If you have questions about grout cleaning or need more info of our services, please call us. We can do all kinds of repair, replacement and grout cleaning for your tile floor. You can rely on us for high quality service.

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