Your Carpet

You have bought a new carpet and are now thinking of cleaning it. Or maybe you have one installed for quite some time and wish to extend its life. You may then ask “is it bad to clean your carpets often?” To understand the frequency with which you must clean your carpets, you should consider the following points.

carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Rule

One rule for carpet maintenance is to vacuum them two times each week and to have them cleaned professionally once every year, at the very least.

However, you may need to clean your carpets more frequently in certain scenarios, especially in areas that endure heavy foot traffic. Smokers, pets and children are other factors due to which you may need to clean up more often. You may need to vacuum your carpets every day and have them cleaned professionally after three months.

Kids and Pets

Kids and pets are an important consideration. Kids often spill stuff on carpets and stain them accidentally. They may bring with them dust and dirt from outside. Pets may also bring with them dust and dirt from outside if you let them out. Even if you have indoor pets, then you may find a buildup of cat or dog hair on your carpets if you do not clean them with sufficient frequency.

Carpet Cleaning Frequency

With kids in your house, you may need to vacuum your carpets at least twice a week. Professional cleaning is recommended at least once a year.

However, your carpets may endure greater soiling if you have children in the house along with pets. You may have to vacuum your carpets at least three to four times a week. With smoking, you should stick to vacuuming four times a week. Professional cleaning may be necessary after every three to six months.

If your house has a large family, pets and you also entertain guests regularly, then daily vacuuming may be required. You should get your carpets professionally cleaned every two to three months.

Another good guideline is to check the manufacturer guideline. If you have brand new carpets in place, then you have a manufacturer guarantee. The warranty will include instructions for carpet maintenance. Most of them recommend professional cleaning at least once a year.

Professional Cleaning

There may be other occasions when you may want to get your carpets professionally cleaned. After you have had a big party and the dust has settled down, you may want to have a look at your carpet. If a lot of dust has indeed settled down, plus there are plenty of stains and spills, then you may have to resort to professional carpet cleaning.

After the passage of one year, you might think that your carpet still looks clean and does not require professional cleaning. However, that would be a mistake. The base of the carpet accumulates lots of dirt, residue and allergens that can turn the indoor environment hazardous. Professional carpet cleaning is the best solution for mitigating this hazard.

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