Most residential homes and condominiums, as well as professional office buildings have some type of tile installed. This can include floor tile, wall tile, outdoor tile and more.  Although tile does add a beautiful and functional aspect, the reality is that the more foot traffic that it takes, the dirtier it will get over time. Because the buildup of dirt can happen over a longer period, sometimes it’s not obvious how bad it really is. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have your tile cleaned periodically by a professional. This helps to maintain the tile floor appearance, beauty and usefulness.

Is My Tile Really That Dirty?

Sometimes you can tell how soiled your tile can be by looking closely at heavy traffic areas. A good rule of thumb? Compare that area to a pantry or other area that doesn’t get walked on as often. This will give you a strong barometer of the level of dirt accumulation.

We often hear from customers that their grout wasn’t properly sealed when the tile was installed, which allows dirt and grime to get directly into the grout. This makes it much harder for the average homeowner to maintain. After your tile and grout are properly cleaned and the grout is sealed, your floors will be much easier to maintain in the future.

If you are planning on cleaning your tile yourself, there are many products on the market that work very well for normal everyday cleaning. However be aware that there are some products that aren’t safe or effective on tile, and can actually cause damage. It is highly recommended to research online the cleaner options, and if you’re unsure, contact a professional instead.

Common Questions

So, you’re probably asking, is it better for me to have my tile professionally cleaned? The truth is that most tile floors will need to be professionally cleaned every year. However some floors with minimum traffic need cleaning every few years. It all depends on the type of tile you have, the amount of foot traffic that it handles, and where it is installed within the house. Bathroom tile or shower tile, for example, can accumulate dirt and soap scum very quickly. Tile installed in entryways is also exposed to more outside dirt and grime.

By hiring a professional tile cleaning company, we’ll show you how we clean the tile, and offer recommendations on how your tile should be cleaned in the future. If properly maintained, your tile and grout can stay in great condition for many years to come.

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