If your tile grout appears dingy and worn out, it can diminish your property’s overall appearance. It can worsen if the grout has blackened due to mildew and mold.

At this point, most people consider removing and replacing the entire grout work. However, if your grout is still intact, you can achieve the desired results by refinishing it. It will consume much less time, and once it is completed, your grout job will appear as good as new.

What Is Re-Grouting/Resurfacing?

Re-grouting refers to putting new grout over the old one. It becomes necessary if it was not sealed well at the time of installation. If the grout is made of cement, it may get porous and absorb moisture and dirt, causing it to break down.

Why Should You Consider Resurfacing Grout?

Resurfacing is much more possible with tiles than with grout alone. Most people considering this option do so when they want to change the tile’s color. If you’ve purchased an older home, the tile colors might be a little outdated or just not your style.

Refinishing the tiles will get you the results you desire without costing the hefty amount that replacing the tiles would’ve cost you. The new finish is durable and strong enough to last for many years. The new finish will coat grout lines along with the tiles. As a result, the grout lines will match the tile color. Since the grout is porous, it will have definition and the same look as the tile on your floor. When you resurface your tiles, it also seals off the grout.  This means that mildew and mold will not affect it as easily. As a result, keeping the tiles clean will be an easy job.

grout resurfacing

How Can You Care for the New Finish?

Avoid using abrasive cleaners, for starters. Moreover, you will not need any abrasive cleaners since it will be much easier to wipe the dirt away with the non-porous surface. Though, a cleaner that states “safe for acrylics” will be a much better choice.

Does the Process Leave Any Odor?

If the service you are using has products with low VOCs, it is likely that there won’t be an unbearable odor. Over time, solvents have been reduced dramatically, so the smell would be significantly lower and will dissipate much faster without sacrificing the durability of the work.

How Long Would the New Finish Last?

With adequate care, the renewed grout surface will stay unfaded and unpeeled for at least five years.

Grout Magnificent Experts

On the whole, if you hire a good service, re-grouting is not as difficult. Therefore, if you’re considering re-grouting your tile installation, then consult Grout Magnificent and have them do the job right. Click here to find out more about Grout Magnificent.