grout pensGrout Maintenance Between Professional Cleanings

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to maintaining the grout in your home between professional tile cleanings. You need a product that will be effective at removing stains, but you also want something that won’t cause damage to the surface of your tiles or leave behind any harmful residue.

While there are many different products on the market today, one option stands out as being better than all: grout pens. Grout pens allow you to clean your tiled surfaces quickly and easily without causing damage—but how exactly do they work? What kinds are available? And should I use one myself? Let’s dive into these questions both here and elsewhere on this blog.

1.   Grout Pens are a Great Solution to Dirty, Stained Grout.

Grout pens are a great solution to dirty, stained grout. They’re easy to use, can be found anywhere, work on all types of grout, and are affordable. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly too.

2.  Grout Pens are Easy to Apply and Dry Fast.

The first thing you’ll notice about a grout pen is its easy application. Unlike paint, which takes hours to dry and requires lots of coats to cover the surface, a grout pen will dry within minutes, so you can start putting all your stuff back together again immediately after application.

If you’ve ever attempted to paint over an existing color before (and if you haven’t, we recommend that next time.), then you know what an arduous task this can be. With grout pens, there’s no need for priming or sanding; follow the directions on the package and get right down to business.

Grout pens also dry quickly because they contain special ingredients that allow them to cure in thin layers instead of all at once, as conventional paints do. On the other hand, chalkboard markers or china marker pens leave behind residue when washed off with water and don’t necessarily wash away thoroughly without solvents like rubbing alcohol or acetone.

3.   Grout Pens Come in Many Colors

Grout pens come in many colors, including brown, white, and black.

The color options are based on the color of your grout. So if you have brown or red-colored grout, you can use a brown or red pen. The same goes for white – it will cover any colored grout. Black will also work on every color but is particularly good at hiding dirty lines and stains on darker tiles because it hides them completely.

4.   Grout Pens Can Keep Your Tiled Surfaces Fresh

You may have considered using grout pens to color your grout, but you’ve been holding off as you’re still determining if it’s a good idea. Well, here are some reasons why you should give it a go:

  • Easy to apply – Grout pens are very easy to apply. You need to use the pen, draw the line where you want it, and then brush away any excess with a dry rag or cloth. The pen is also easy to work with as there are no messy drips of paint running down walls when used on vertical surfaces such as walls or ceilings; this makes them ideal for decorating staircases.
  • Easy removal – Another benefit of these pens is that they’re easy to remove when they’ve dried out completely (usually after 24 hours). Just like applying them in the first place, ensure all traces of old ink have disappeared before proceeding into further steps such as sealing them over again with primer/sealer spray, etc…


So, do grout pens work? The answer is yes. They are a great way to temporarily bring back the color and shine of dirty, stained grout between professional tile cleanings. They’re easy to apply and dry fast, so you can return to enjoying your tiled surfaces in no time. Plus, they come in many colors, so you can choose which suits your decorating style best. We hope this article has been helpful for those of you who are considering using this product at home or the workplace. For thorough professional grade cleaning, call Grout Magnificent.