Tile is a popular choice for flooring due to its durability, waterproof characteristic, and overall aesthetics. With regular maintenance, you can make it last for years. However, when it comes to cleaning tile floors, grout is the first thing to get dirty and become an eyesore.

If the grout on your tiles is in good condition and you wish to preserve its color lines, you can use a clear sealer. But, if your grout is permanently stained or if you’re looking to change the existing color, then a color sealer is the right choice. You have a range of colors to choose from and make your floor look brand new again.

Grout color sealing allows you to have a clean grout surface without replacing the grout in many cases.

Clear vs. Color Sealer

A clear sealer settles below the grout surface and protects it from dirt and liquids that can damage its appearance. It doesn’t have the color shield feature as opposed to a color sealer. However, it is an excellent choice to give your tiles and grout basic protection.

A color sealer, on the other hand, can restore your tile’s original appearance and also maintain its vibrancy while shielding it from daily harm. Grout color sealing will prevent your grout from growing bacteria, mold, and dirt, hence keeping your flooring safe for all inhabitants.

grout color seal

Benefits of Grout Color Sealing

A great benefit of color seals is that they are easy on the pocket. Additionally, by repelling water and oil-based liquids they prevent any food or beverage from staining your floor. They are also great at inhibiting mold and mildew. Moreover, since they prevent the grout from absorbing liquids, your floors won’t give off a strange smell.

How Long Does Color Seal Last?

Investing in grout color sealing is definitely worthwhile and will give you long-lasting results. However, it is important to ensure the right tile and grout maintenance. With sufficient maintenance and care, your grout color sealer can last up to ten years or even more.

Apart from maintenance, your grout’s lifespan also depends on the type of product. To keep it clean and crisp, avoid using solvent-based paint strippers to the tile as they can remove the grout paint. Do not scrub it heavily, as it may cause the grout paint to erode over the course of time.

Applying a grout color sealer requires professional assistance. From evaluation to choosing the right products and application, everything needs professional supervision. Therefore, if you’re looking for a service to restore your floor’s life, contact Grout Magnificent today.

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