Granite is perhaps the most common and popular choice for stone countertops, and there are tons of reasons why. The countertop is more durable and seems to last forever, and looks absolutely amazing in your kitchen, highlighting your home’s beautiful internal décor. However, in general, stone countertops are prone to the effects of scratching and accumulated wear, which means you must prioritize polishing your stone countertops to keep adverse effects at bay. Let’s explore the benefits of polishing your countertops.

polishing stone countertops

1. Polishing Stone Countertops Adds Shine

By polishing stone countertops, you ensure that the surface is shiny, lustrous, and has a reflective finish, which is sure to cause others to marvel at your home décor. If you wish to enhance the visual appeal of your countertops, the best way to go about doing this is to polish them once every few months. Couple this with excellent lighting conditions, and you are likely to induce an effect that captivates any guests visiting your home.

2. Improves Stain Resistance

Polishing your stone countertops makes the surface stain-resistant, which is likely to ward off any nasty stains, which can be especially difficult in the kitchen when you’re cooking. Warding off stains is an excellent way to protect the countertop surface, resulting in better cleanliness and hygiene.

3. Keeps it Germ-Free

Since stains from foods and other substances can attract bacteria of all kinds, you must ensure that you polish your stone countertops every once in a while to keep them protected from nasty bacterial excretions. Staying germ-free is a priority for many households who like to maintain hygiene around the house and may want to avoid using chemicals that could damage your countertop’s surface.

4. Enhances Beauty

One of the biggest problems homeowners face regarding stone countertops is the loss of color and overall appearance. Older stone countertops tend to lose their luster and fade away in color, resulting in a drop in your home’s visual appeal. To remedy this problem, you can polish your stone countertop to enhance its beauty and have it look brand new once again. The effect will be significantly more noticeable, and people may ask if you’ve bought a new countertop.

5. Increases Longevity

Stone countertops last a long time and are quite durable, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get damaged or stained over time. Ultimately, depending on how meticulous you are with cleaning, your stone countertops will eventually accumulate general wear. By polishing the countertop every few months, you increase its durability and longevity, which gives you a better value for money. The polish seals off any pores in the stone, preventing moisture from affecting the surface and expanding the stone, leading to imperfections.

Final Verdict

Homeowners must consider polishing stone counter tops from time to time to ensure durability and enhance beauty while staying germ-free. Polishing is a difficult process to do by yourself, so it’s probably best to find the right professionals to do the job properly and thoroughly.