Stone countertops are now extremely robust, need very less upkeep, and are long-lasting. On the other hand, simple maintenance may increase the longevity and enhance the shine of the stone surfaces, so you get to use them for many years.

Maintenance Tips for a Stone Countertop

Following are some simple steps and maintenance tips for a stone countertop:

  1. Stone countertops are porous materials that should be sealed regularly to prevent liquids from penetrating through and causing damage. Corrosion and stains are more likely to develop with porous stones. The best part is that sealing the countertops is much less complicated than you would assume. Apply a sealant of silicone impregnator on the stone countertop surface with a white cotton towel or cloth.

stone countertop

Tip: Seal marble and limestone countertops four times yearly, granite countertops twice a year, and engineered stone once a year.

  1. Clean up spilled and dropped food items right away to avoid stains or discoloration.
  2. If stains do appear, use a limestone poultice to clear them.

Tip: Take a plastic putty knife and apply a thick coating of poultice to the stain. Allow the poultice to soak in the stains and leave it there for at least 48 to 72 hours before wiping the area clean.

  1. For cleaning stone countertops daily, use mild soap and water; always wipe your counters with a soft cloth, then carefully rinse and dry thoroughly. On etch-prone stones, including onyx or marble, refrain from using aggressive cleansers or scrubby sponges, and stay away from acidic cleaners such as vinegar or scouring powders, etc.


We advise you to call a stone restoration professional once in a while to execute a periodic maintenance cleaning on your stone countertops, which includes cleaning, polishing, and sealing services.

With the services of an experienced stone restoration expert, you no longer need to worry if the stone countertop gets etched, dull, scraped, or otherwise damaged, and it may be amended, sharpened, polished, and repaired to as good as it gets.