Grout is porous and allows mold and mildew to grow within the pores. It is also susceptible to water damage. But what causes the grout to turn yellow? It is common for homeowners to find yellow grout in their bathrooms. It makes the tiles look worn out and gives them an overall unpleasant appearance. Read on to find out the primary reasons that cause your grouted tiles to turn yellow.

grout turns yellow

Causes of How Grout Turns Yellow

Here is a list of all the reasons that cause your grout to turn yellow:

1. Hard Water

Hard water exposure is one of the main reasons why grout turns yellow. Constant exposure to minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron causes discoloration. A practical solution for this problem is to use water softeners to reduce the mineral content.

However, if your grout is already stained, you’ll need to use different products to remove them. If the grout takes on an orange hue, it might be because of the high iron content in the water.

2. Moisture

Bathrooms are filled with moisture, and constant exposure leads to mold and mildew growth. Due to the porous nature of grout, moisture accumulation leads to the growth of microorganisms. It also plays a part in discoloring your grout.

To prevent microorganisms from finding a home in your grout lines, you can get your grout sealed adequately by a professional.

3. Product Spills

Constant product spills can cause your grout to turn yellow. Generally, shampoos and other bath products are responsible for staining your grout.

The discoloration occurs mainly because the products’ active ingredients react with the cement in the grout.

4. Use of Incorrect Cleaning Agents

When you clean your tiled area, it is essential to pick the correct products designed to clean your grout. If you use products not designed for grouted tiles, they may cause discoloration, resulting in yellow grout.

Work with Grout Experts

If you don’t want your grout to turn yellow all the time, you need help from grout experts. A professional grout company will guide you regarding the best methods for regular maintenance, and they will also remove the stains. They will also restore the original color of the grout and might even seal it if needed.

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