If your grout starts to crumble or break apart, you need to regrout. While there are several ways to do that, many homeowners often wonder, can you put new grout on top of grout? While that may sound like a feasible solution to most people, unfortunately, it is not a clever idea. Read on to find out what happens when you put grout on top of the grout.

Why You Should Not Put New Grout on Top of Old Grout

Grout is made with a mixture of water and powder, creating a porous paste. The paste acts as a strong adhesive bond that holds your tiles together. However, when the mixture starts crumbling away, you must remove it before applying a fresh layer of grout. Here’s why:

  • When you try to put new grout over old grout, it will cause inadequate adhesion. As a result, your tiles will become prone to water damage.
  • If the new grout is only applied to areas with cracks or holes, the freshly applied grout will start to break away after curing. It will lead to wasted effort with zero progress.
  • When you regrout over an existing layer of grout, it creates an untidy look. The appearance of your tiles would look bad as the old grout would still be visible. Moreover, if only certain areas are patched, the difference between the regrouted and the areas with no new grout would be painfully obvious.

What to Do Instead?

Instead of wasting resources, time, and effort, a better option is to get your old grout removed entirely and apply a fresh layer of grout. This gives your tiles a better appearance, and the regrouted layer will last longer.

Moreover, it will also prevent water damage to your bathroom tiles, especially around the shower area. You can even get the grout layer sealed for better and more long-lasting results.

grout on grout

Work with Professionals

Regrouting tiles is not as simple a process as it seems. You have to carefully remove the old grout layer without damaging the tiles and apply a fresh layer to make your tiles look aesthetically pleasing. The job requires proper grouting equipment and supplies. The best option you have is to leave the job up to professionals.

Grout Magnificent is a professional grout company with all the supplies needed for the job backed by years of experience. Our experts will ensure you get the best possible results every time. Get in touch with us today by calling (239) 476-8855 and schedule your free estimate. You can also send us an email at GROUTMAGNIFICENT.TECH@GMAIL.COM.