Soaked rugs and carpets can stink for days. Microbial growth starts forming within a day in damp carpets, which is what causes the wet carpet smell if the carpet isn’t quickly dried. The easy solution is going for truck-mounted carpet cleaning. It does not cause the wet carpet smell because it uses heat and steam to dry out the freshly vacuumed carpets quickly.

Why Your Carpet May Still be Smelling

Unprofessional Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaners know what they are doing and never use too much water. Professional equipment will never leave you with the musty carpet smell unless the worker is in a rush, is using old equipment or machinery which is unable to get all the water out or used too much water while cleaning.

It’s vital that you get your carpets cleaned by a reputable company with trained professionals.

Pet Urine

If you have pets and they had an accident on the carpet in the past, remember that water can reactivate the smell of urine and cause your carpet to smell bad!

Call professionals and let them help you with specialized cleaning products and techniques for pet urine.

Leak in the Water System Causing the Carpet to Remain Wet

Mold isn’t formed overnight. If your carpet continues to smell bad, you probably have a leak which is causing the carpet to remain wet and not dry out. Get your waterworks checked to see if there is a leak and get it fixed!

Still can’t figure out what happened? Get professional help!

If the smell is still not going away, it’s time to call in the pros. It isn’t easy to figure out which company to hire, you need to gauge their professionalism and experience. Check up on their reviews online and also see if they are licensed. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

We use truck-mounted cleaning systems to wash and dry carpets using the latest technology to suck out all the dirt through heat, steam, and powerful vacuums. Our truck-mounted systems will solve your musty carpet smelling issue in no time, leaving your carpets as good as new!

More about truck-mounted carpet cleaning systems

If you’re not familiar with truck-mounted cleaning systems, let us enlighten you. To state briefly, we use hot water extraction method to clean carpets or rugs using vacuums and hoses attached to a van. The van be parked outside your house and the hoses and vacuums will be carried in for the cleaning work.

Our specialized trucks carry engines and power generators along with gallons of hot water. So, you don’t need to worry about your electric or water bill at all. The trucks also carry waste tanks and will not spoil your bathroom or cause the drains to clog. This is the perfect cleaning solution that will leave your home feeling fresh and good as new!

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