At the end of a rough day at work or home, a relaxing shower makes a world of differences and relaxes you before you go to bed. Considering you use your shower every day, you should make decisions regarding its construction very carefully.

Here are some aspects to consider when choosing tiles for the shower floor:

Shower Tile for Reduced Slipping

No one wants to slip in the shower when they’re tired after a rough day or still sleepy in the morning! Tiles have varying properties, some of which reduce slipping. To make sure the tiles have enough friction to keep you from slipping, the tiles must be:

  • Smaller in size. The smaller the tiles, the more grout lines the flooring will have. Grout reduces friction due to its sandy texture.
  • Matte-finished. Glazed tiles are slippery, especially if they are more than 6 inches in size
  • Have a high DCOF rating. The Dynamic Coefficient of Friction is a measurement that represents how slippery a tile is. According to the American National Standards, when purchasing tiles for a bathroom, ensure that it has a DCOF rating of higher than 0.42, which is

tile for shower


The tiles should be comfortable for your feet. Following are some options of materials and their properties:

  • Pebbles and Cobblestone Tiles: Pebbles are available in flat and rounded options, which create a rustic, spa-like feel to a bathroom. They have more friction and will feel great under your feet.
  • Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles: The sheer range of porcelain and ceramic tiles is incomparable to any other material. If you choose ceramic or porcelain tiles smaller in size, you can be creative while ensuring that the surface is slip-resistant.
  • Mosaic Tiles: Mosaics come in various materials and shapes, and they are a popular choice for shower floors due to their versatility. It is easy to install mosaic around fixtures and drain openings, and the slope of the floor is also subtle and camouflaged. They have a lot of space for grout and provide slip-resistant showering.
  • Glass Tiles: These are growing in popularity due to fashion. Glass creates a unique aesthetic and offers a variety of colors, tints, sizes, and shapes to light up a bathroom. It is easy to clean them, and textured glass can provide traction.
  • Granite Tiles: Granite tiles a state-of-the-art option for bathroom tiles with their natural look and elegant finish. They have high traction and are highly water-resistant. Granite is also not easily damaged by cleaning products with harsh chemicals.


Colors can make a huge difference in the tone and feel of your bathroom. The right color can make your bathroom feel elegant and luxurious at a reasonable price. Envision the finished look of your bathroom when selecting the color of the tiles. Choose one that compliments or matches the theme of the entire room. Contrast can be fun!

Be creative according to your style and taste. Make the bathroom as aesthetically pleasing to you as possible for a relaxing end and start to your day. Personal choices and preferences will provide the final verdict to your selection of bathroom tiles.

Have fun choosing shower floor tiles!