Maintaining Your Grout

Bathrooms are the one place you should regularly check for maintenance of grout. More often than not, cracks may form in grout. As a result, water may seep through grout in the shower.

It would be best if you addressed this immediately as the grout may lose its adhesive properties, thus threatening the structural integrity of the tiles. Moreover, water seeping through grout in the shower can also cause damp and mold behind the tiles.

If you notice water seeping through grout in the shower, here is a step-by-step guide on how to seal the grout and solve the problem.

Water Seeping Through Grout

1. Clean & Remove the Grout

After inspecting the shower and checking if the grout is cracked, start by cleaning the area. You can do this using soap and a sponge. Once you get to the grout, thoroughly scrape and brush the joints to remove the grout. You can do this by hand or with a grout removal tool or a power tool with an oscillating action.

2. Apply the New Grout

Ensure that you have thoroughly cleaned the grout and empty spaces before applying the new grout. Apply water-resistant grout in small sections with the use of a squeegee or a tube. We recommend you use the latter because it is easier to use. After applying, clean the excess grout as soon as possible and leave the grout to dry for three days before applying the sealant.

3. Seal the Grout

To prevent any water or moisture from entering the grout again, you must seal the grout in different areas of your bathroom. These include the site where the tile meets the tub or shower, by the window, near the faucets, sinks etc.

To seal the grout, inspect the area first to ensure that it has properly dried. Use a damp or emulsifying sponge to clean the grout residue. After this, use a silicone sealant. Make sure that the silicone sealant is mold and fungus resistant. Lastly, use a spatula to smooth the silicone and grout in. Finish by cleaning off all the excess. The grout and silicone must be left to cure for a few hours.

Things to Remember

Sometimes, when water is seeping through grout in the shower, you will have to remove your tiles as well. This gives your tiles better protection and is a more long-lasting and durable alternative than sealing grout. However, it does require a lot of work and expertise.

Applying and sealing grout after the water has been seeping through it is not an easy task. It requires patience, precision and expertise. Hence, allow Grout Magnificent to handle the job for you. With our years of experience, we deliver quality in a timely manner.

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