How to remove stubborn stains from your tiles?

No matter how careful you are with your tiles, they can catch stains and lose their luster even after regular cleaning. Cleaning tiles on your own carries considerable risk since your tiles could be irretrievably ruined if you are not careful with harsh chemicals. That being said, here is how you can go about removing stubborn stains from your tiles.

Before going any further, you should know how to minimize inadvertent damage. If you decide to go solo and do it yourself, you should always begin with a small inconspicuous area and monitor closely for any damage. If you are completely certain it is safe, then you can proceed with the rest.

removing stains on tile floors

Hydrogen Peroxide for Wine, Juice, Tea and Coffee Stains

Hydrogen peroxide might work for wine, juice, tea and coffee stains. Commonly consumed foods and beverages are the most common stains and they can be quite a hassle to remove. The trick is to act as quickly as possible. As soon as you notice the stain, try absorbing as much as possible with a tissue paper or a clean cloth. Of course, if you notice these stains after they have dried up, then a cleanup will definitely be tougher.

If you choose to work with hydrogen peroxide make sure that it is diluted to avoid any harm to the floor surface. Dip a paper towel or cleaning cloth in a solution of hydrogen peroxide and apply it to a small part of the stain first. If it works without damaging your floor, you can carry on for the remainder.

Club Soda for Grease

Club soda mixed with hot water is another DIY hack. It might work on grease.

Permanent Marker and Ink Stains

These stains can be tough to remove. You can use a dry erase to wipe off the stain and then use warm soapy water to clean it up fully.

Hydrogen peroxide cleaner could also be used for this purpose. You will have to wash off the residue with warm soapy water.


Bleach is another common DIY cleaning agent. You should always take care to dilute it properly. Three quarters cup of bleach in a gallon of water should be enough.

Will DIY Cleaning Remove Tile Stains?

You can find all sorts of DIY tips, tricks and hacks on the internet. The truth is that they are either ineffective or harsh enough to damage your precious tiles. Do not gamble with your precious tiles using questionable advice from the internet that carries a high risk of ruining your beautiful floor.

Thus, you should get in touch with professionals who have long experience in cleaning up tiles without damaging them. They are fully informed about the right cleaning agents and how to apply them safely. They can also do the job quickly, safely and efficiently so that you can avoid the hassle of cleaning stubborn stains.

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What is the best cleaning solution for ceramic tile floors?

Mix a cup of White Vinegar with a gallon of water will not only clean but disinfects and eliminates any odors. It is recommended to use it sparingly.

Will bleach discolor tile?

Using bleach or other harsh chemicals on tile surfaces can discolor or damage the grout lines in your tile floors.

How do you restore bleached tile?

Hydrogen peroxide works well on most stains including many stains from bleach. Soak a cloth with it and lay it on top of your ceramic tile and leave it there overnight.