Answer: 3 to 5 years

The grout holding your tiles is what keeps the floor and walls waterproof. However, grout is very delicate, highly porous and absorbent. Hence, it is vulnerable to water damage. Grout needs sealing for protection. With the right sealant, your tiled floors and walls will become resilient to water leakage and damage.

There are two kinds of sealings that are used for tiles. They are grout color seal and clear seal. Of the two, the grout color seal is more widely used. The big advantage of grout color seal is that it can stain grout and restore its pristine color. You can event impart an entirely new color with the right color seal if you so desire.

how long does grout color seal last

Advantages of Grout Color Seals

With grout color seal, your grout will look more vibrant and attractive. The grout will also become impervious to water.

The grout color seal can prevent your grout from becoming dirty. If you haven’t applied grout color seal to your grout, then you will have to carry out maintenance each year to keep the clean look. Every year you must then avail the services of professionals to keep the grout from accumulating mold, dirt, bacteria and other nasty things. This is not want you want to walk on.

A color seal, on the other hand, keeps these unhygienic things at bay so that your bathroom floor remains clean and sanitary. Color seals have another advantage in the shape of long service life. These tenacious coatings can last a decade. Therefore, you just have to apply the sealing once to realize maintenance savings over a decade.

Another great benefit of color seals is that they are not expensive. Color seals are able to repel water and oil-based liquids to prevent dropped food and beverages from staining your bathroom floor. Color seals also have substances that are great at inhibiting mildew and mold.

Since color seals can prevent the grout from absorbing liquids, your bathroom floor won’t give off a strange smell as some old bathroom floors do. These older floors smell weird because they have absorbed all kinds of liquids over a long period of time. Thanks to all of these highly desirable characteristics, color sealed floors are fairly convenient to maintain.

There are certain practicalities due to which grout color seal is necessary at times. As it often happens some of grout becomes damaged and therefore needs replacement. It is nearly impossible in such cases to match the color the new grout with the older grout that is still intact. This holds true even if you use exactly the same grout.

The reason for this is that aging will cause the older grout to change color due to which it will contrast with the new grout. This color difference is striking and easily noticeable. The only solution is to use grout color seal for hue consistent hue across your tiled floor. Some people prefer DIY when it comes to applying the grout color seal to their grout. However, it is best to leave the job to highly experienced and trained professionals who do the job routinely with success.

Making way for the experts will ensure that your grout lasts long. Your bathroom floor will remain waterproof, sanitary and hygienic.

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